We are a mathematics and research services company registered in 2016 under the company act of the laws of the Republic of Kenya to offer services in the areas of mathematics, statistics, research, data science and their applications to various disciplines. Below are our services.

  • Mathematical modelling and simulation
  • Data analysis (consultancy) for monitoring & evaluation projects
  • Mathematics & statistics packages training (Python, Matlab, R & Stata)
  • Designing interactive data visualization tools (Tableau, R Shiny & Python)
  • Apps and software development
  • Data analytics and machine learning

Mathematical modelling and simulation

Take your mathematics to the next level by having your work done by the leading and trusted mathematical software. We have the expertise to get your organization to the competitive edge in a dynamic world: Python & Matlab

  • Understand key concepts for modeling and programming.
  • Create custom models and automate computational tasks.
  • Improve the efficiency and flexibility of your code.
  • Build predictive models and algorithms from real data.

Data analysis for M & E projects

Our team develops innovative, data-driven solutions for corporate, non-profit and government clients. We help them tackle problems through advanced statistical modeling techniques on real experimental data: Stata, R & Python

  • Clean, validate, recode and transform your data.
  • Extract insights from your data and utilise evidence-based practices to drive decision-making for you organization.
  • Build statistical forecasting and predictive models.
  • Quality data presentation and report writing.
Mathematics & statistics packages training

CEMRE provides top level and uncompromized training (both on-site and off-site) for individuals and small groups of upto a maximum of 20 participants from basic to advanced mathematical and/or statistical analysis.

  • Data Science and Analytics for Business and Finance (Python / R)
  • Data Wrangling and Analysis for Project Managers (Stata / R / Python)
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Public Health Professionals (Stata / R)
  • Mathematical Computing for Scientists and Engineers (Python / Matlab)
  • Data Visualization for Enhanced Reporting (Tableau / Excel)

See workshops page

Designing interactive data visualization tools

Data visualization is the graphical representation of information and data. Data visualization tools like charts, maps and inforgraphics provide an accessible way to identify and understand trends.

  • Stata
  • R & Python
  • Excel & Tableau
Apps & software development

Did you know that software development can help you innovate and compete effectively? Our innovative team help design software that delivers competitive advantage rapidly, cost effectively, high quality and with quaranteed results.

  • Python
  • Java

Get the much needed skills in data science by signing up to any of our quarterly workshops in Data Analytics (Python & R) and Data Analysis (Stata, R & Python) for $580 (5 days).   Read more