Our work in promoting mathematics and research
The Centre For Mathematics and Research prides in a vibrant team of professionals that is fully dedicated to contributing positively to the field of science. Our mathematics web app is particularly used by thousands of students, lecturers and trainers worldwide to learn and teach mathematics from Junior to University level.
This far, we have been able to contribute to science in the following three areas.
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Applied research
  • Book authoring (to be published soon)
See the table to the right for specific details.
Area Description
(Apps & software)
Mathematics web application
Step by step mathematics software
Python library for mathematics and statistics
Research Successfully carried out three projects in the area of public health and epidemiology
Contracted on multiple occasions (together with other consultants) to do analysis on M & E projects
(Books & tutorials)
Python programming for Scientists and Engineers (550 pages)
Fundamentals of R programming for Applied Statistics (480 pages)
Over 500 worked examples in applied mathematics, statistics, biostatistics and research with accompanying syntax in Python, Matlab, R and Stata.
Several video tutorials in Python, Matlab, R and Stata software

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