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2-Day data science coding in Python for KES 7,250 ($72.5)

This course happens Friday and Saturday every week from 8:00am - 5:00pm. Fill the form below to book your slot and start your journey to coding.

The world has come to a point where technology is transforming almost everything. The fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0) is coming and experts have already predicted that 40% of the jobs would be replaced by 2025. As a result, coding will be the most indespensable skill you need.

This 2-day, intensive coding workshop is the fastest route to acquiring the programming skills required to analyse data and create apps. Participants will be able to think like a programmer and be able to easily design simple algorithms.


Programming background is not required. A general understanding of data structures and basic mathematical and statistical operations is however highly recommended for quick mastery of concepts.

Introduction to Python

Participants will be introduced to Python data structures, syntax and program control flow through intensive coding. It will lay the foundation for all other topics to be covered in this workshop.

Pandas library

You will learn how to work on data sets using the Pandas library. Tasks like importing, exporting, subsetting, merging, descriptive statistics e.t.c. will be practised heavily using real data sets.

NumPy library

The NumPy library provides data structures for representing a variety of arrays, and methods and functions for operating on such arrays. It forms the numerical back end in Python.

Matplotlib library

You will learn how to visualize your data in simple and complex charts. This will provide an accessible way to identify and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data for informed policy.

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