Applied Statistics

One of the most significant ways of addressing issues in the area of health, medicine and biological sciences is through collecting and exploring relevant data. At CEMRE, our fundamental concern remains to be the development and application of bio-statistics techniques to better understand such data. With the combination of theory of statistics, health, algorithm design and computer implementation, we provide great and promising opportunities to our clients in the use of such knowledge in health related areas such as epidemiology and public health.


We also design programs that provide clients with rigorous training in statistical theory, methods, and computation — using STATA and R software. This aims to equip such participants with the much needed and relevant computational skills to address real-world problems in health related areas such as epidemiology, public health and medicine.

Areas of current research in bio-statistics and epidemiology include:

  • Data management and manipulation
  • Explanatory data analysis
  • Analysis of contingency tables
  • Models of continuous data (linear models)
  • Models of binary data (logistic regression)
  • Models of count data (poisson regression)
  • Longitudinal data analysis
  • Survival analysis
  • among others
Modelling in Mathematical Sciences