Stata software

The Stata is a powerful and yet easy-to-use statistical package that performs data management, manipulation, analysis, graphics, modeling and forecasting. Its use for statistical analysis tasks is rapidly growing due to its friendly user interface and its many capabilities in handling complex and advanced statistics tasks. The application of Stata as a statistical software in data analysis is increasingly becoming popular among analysts. This is a complete and robust but easy to use general-purpose software package that provides everything you need for data management, manipulation, analysis and graphing.


Below are the main training areas in Stata software. They include areas of Statistics, Econometrics and Epidemiology.

Statistics & Econometrics

1. Data management, manipulation & Cleaning
2. Univariate and bivariate statistical methods
3. Hypothesis testing, power and sample determination
4. Analysis of variance and covariance models
5. Applied linear and logistic regression
6. Generalized linear models (linear, logistic and poisson)
7. Multivariate statistical methods in research
8. Timeseries analysis and forecasting

Biostatistics / Epidemiology

1. Statistical methods in biostatistics
2. Applied regression models
3. Longitudinal / panel data
4. Survival analysis
Modelling in Mathematical Sciences