Project Management

If you have a research project and do not know where to begin, then you need not worry - leave it to the proven experts. We have a committed team who are qualified statisticians with excellent research and analysis skills carry out your project or guide you from the start to the end or to appoint you feel comfortable to proceed independently.

We are able to help you in the following:

  • Data collection and entry.
  • Data management and manipulation (clean, validate, recode, transform reshape, merge, e.t.c) prior to the analysis.
  • Extract insights from your data and utilize evidence-based practices to drive decision-making for you organization.
  • Build mathematical and statistical forecasting models for predicting into the future working competently to minimize errors in the model results.
  • Keep up-to-date with new developments in statistical software (Stata and R) that we use for the analysis. The client however is free to choose a version to use depending on what version is in use at their organization.
  • Provide post analysis training and technical support to the research departments back at your organization with respect to the techniques used during the analysis process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We do NOT do research (data analysis) for students (both undergraduate and postgraduate). If you are a research students and are interested in acquiring first hand research skills, we would recommend our training workshops

Modelling in Mathematical Sciences