Matlab software

Matlab is a technical computing language that performs high level mathematical computing and programming meeting diverse mathematical needs of its users. Our expert trainers provide a comprehensive introduction to the Matlab technical computing environment.

The themes of mathematical computing, visualization, modeling and programming are thoroughly explored both through our training and the learning materials posted on this website.

Matlab finds applications in many areas of numerical computations, modeling and simulation. We do not compromise on our commitment to equipping our participants with the necessary and much desired computing skills that will make them competitive in this edge of technological advancement and the ever changing science dynamics.

Training Areas

Below are the main training areas (Matlab and Maple). Application examples are drawn mainly from Engineering, Biology/Medicine and Finance.

General Computing with Matlab and/or Maple
Precalculus, Differential and Integral calculus
Linear Algebra and Systems
Numerical Differentiation and Integration
Vectors, Vector Differential and Integral calculus
Complex Number Analysis and Integration
Mathematical Optimization
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Modeling & Simulation of physical systems
Modelling in Mathematical Sciences