Computational mathematics

With the rapid growth in the field of biology/medicine, there is a parallel emphasis on quantification of data and hence the value of mathematics in the biomedical field has been universally recognized and embraced.

We provide our clients with core background and fundamental knowledge of computational mathematical tools/software that are much needed in the area of biomedical modelling such as creation and design algorithm, numerical analysis and simulation, predictive and interpretation of biological results.

How can we help you?

We use Mathematical software (Matlab and/or Maple) to achieve the following:

  • Manipulate and perform algebraic computations with complex numbers and solve standard geometric and trigonometric equations;
  • Manipulate and perform computations with vectors and matrices in two and three dimensions;
  • Compute derivatives, integrals and related calculus operations (such as Taylor series, special functions) in one, two and three dimensions;
  • Formulate ordinary differential equations from biological phenomena;
  • Solve first and second order ordinary differential equations;
  • Solve basic partial differential equations in one and two dimensions
Modelling in Mathematical Sciences