Maple software

Maple is a high level programming language that performs symbolic calculations, as well as numerical computations - it is actually the equivalent Matlab (and Mathematica) software and is being embraced by companies to maintain a competitive edge in mathematical modeling.

The use of Maple as a mathematical computing software is on the rapid increase especially in the areas with increased needs in mathematical modeling, analysis of systems, simulations and biomedical engineering. Our commitment in providing quality training in this software remains un-compromised.

Training Areas

Below are the main training areas (Matlab and Maple). Application examples are drawn mainly from Engineering, Biology/Medicine and Finance.

General Computing with Matlab and/or Maple
Precalculus, Differential and Integral calculus
Linear Algebra and Systems
Numerical Differentiation and Integration
Vectors, Vector Differential and Integral calculus
Complex Number Analysis and Integration
Mathematical Optimization
Ordinary Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Modeling & Simulation of physical systems
Modelling in Mathematical Sciences