Customized Training

You can now save time and resources with our customized on-site training program taught by expert personnel at your facility/institution/office. CEMRE provides training for groups of upto a maximum of 20 participants from basic to advanced mathematical and/or statistical analysis.


What we provide

Expert instructor: The course fee includes all instructor travel and accommodations costs. In addition, the fee will include stationary (writing pads and pens) and a free t-shirt for every participant.

Course materials: We provide a physical set of course notes for each participant. At the end of the course, the instructor provides the log files for the entire course.

What you provide

Computer laboratory: Our training is interactive, so you need a computer laboratory (preferrably web-enabled) for participants to work along with the lessons since the use of online material always arises.

Participants: We limit the courses to a maximum of 24 participants, so that the instructor can maintain a high level of interaction with the participants.


Modelling in Mathematical Sciences