Director's Message

CEMRE, a qualitative training centre, started in October, 2013 highly recognizes that science is quite essential in raising productivity, research, economic development, industrialization among others. Consequently, much effort has been put in place aimed at developing, improving and maintaining significant performance in mathematics both at lower and higher levels.

It therefore became necessary for CEMRE together with other specialists and experienced mathematicians, to reconsider the development of mathematics techniques and approaches that are used in teaching this subject. The computational approach to mathematics was viewed as an option that would be pursued to achieve this goal both in the short and long term. In this pursuit, we shall strongly be guided by our vision, mission, core values and objectives

With other trained and professionals in the area of mathematics, and in coordination with institutions of higher learning, relevant government ministries and research institutions, we aim at coming up with a qualitative centre that will be concerned with the training and development of mathematics while at the same time contributing to the coming scientific renaissance of the region through mathematical analysis, simulation, modeling and forecasting.

Our partnership and cooperation with other stake holders in the region is significantly crucial and by this, we are certain to develop ideas in order to bring up a science and mathematics knowledge based society which has the potential to take the region to great heights in these disciplines, which are, indeed, the backbone of economic realization, development and sustainability. This remains our greatest endeavour


Modelling in Mathematical Sciences